A Millionaire’s Dream

 It is a safe bet to say that as bird hunters and do it yourself dog trainers we do a lot of reading. We read about breeds that we think we are interested in from flushing to pointing to retrievers and so on. Then we read everything that talks about training that dog. In print and online.

Then we turn our attention to researching the game birds that we want to chase. Bobwhite quail to different Forest Grouse and the habitat that they all call home.

 The next thing is we discover the writers that tell the stories of hunts gone by and all the details that went into getting that Upland Grand Slam.

 Every once in a while, after all this heavy reading and research we tend to just need a good story and that is where we are today.

 I would like to tell everyone about a book that I just finished reading and had a real hard time putting it down. This book is called A Millionaire’s Dream, which is a novel by Brett Wonnacott.

Count Noble looking down on the book

 I am going to start with a spoiler alert. Thankfully this is not a story where the dog dies. I think we have more than enough of those stories out there.

 This story takes place in the early 1950’s. The protagonist in this story is a young man named James that had to overcome so much adversity in his young life that a person with lesser character would most likely not have been able to overcome.

 The dog in the story, to me, is a supporting character. Not only is the dog’s journey to becoming a bird dog a theme in the story but more importantly the bond between James and the young dog is central to James being able to deal with the adversity in his life.

 Also, the bond between these two bring into their lives the millionaire named George. George has his dream and hatches a plan to make it come true with the help of James and his young dog.

 Along the way to achieving this dream James and George go through a lot of personal growth and discover that they are a pretty good team.

  That is all I am willing to say without going into too much detail and giving away the entire story.

  A little about the author, Brett Wonnacott. According to his website, Brett lives in Utah with his wife and his string of English Setters. The setters to me make him a man with good taste in bird dogs. I am just a little biased. He is a pro staff member for Sportdog and Mossy Oak. He also teaches seminars on the outdoors. To say he is a sportsman is an understatement.

The Author Brett Wonnacott

 You can get this book from Amazon or from the authors website; www/brettwonnacott.com.

 I have read books by Gene Hill, Nash Buckingham and Mike Gaddis and many other well-known outdoor writers. I will put this book right in there with any of them. If you are looking for a good novel to help you get through the endless summer heat, I highly recommend this one. If you are anything like me, you will have a hard time putting it down.

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