Honey Hill Shooting Preserve

 If you are reading this one,  odds are you already read about the first hunt that my puppy and I did recently. I thought, let me tell you about the place where we conducted that hunt.

   About a forty minute drive west of Wilmington, N.C. is the town of Hallsboro. On the outskirts of this small town is where the preserve lies. 

  The preserve is called Honey Hill Hunting Preserve.

  Over their 275 acres they offer a number of different hunts from field hunts over your dogs to a tower shoot for Pheasants to fully guided hunts over the preserves dogs.

   One thing to say about the tower shoot, this is the tallest tower I have seen used for a tower shoot. It will definitely be a challenge if a tower shoot is your thing.

  The tower shoots are normally on Saturday. This takes up the preserve and its resources. The field hunts are best scheduled for the weekdays. This way there isn’t a tower shoot going on and you will have room to roam.

  The terrain that we hunted on was thick grasses amongst thin pine trees. The grass I believe will thin out as the season progresses and it browns up, as we say in my little circle. Also in the grass were lanes that were mowed to make your walking easier and as the day wore on I was glad to have the easy walking.

   There are also some cut corn fields as we discovered while hunting a different part of the preserve. If you are chasing quail, chukar or pheasant the terrain is there to make the dogs have to work hard while you can enjoy the day with a challenging but not difficult walk in the piney woods.

  Another feature of the property is the lodge. This is a log cabin style building that serves multiple purposes. It has a full kitchen that provides breakfast to the hunters on the morning of the tower shoots. 

Cabin at Honey Hill


  This facility is also available for use from a wedding to a corporate outing away from the office.  

  The one feature of the whole thing that I liked the most is the front porch. With its rocking chairs and the shade provided from the roof it is a very nice place to sit after your hunt and talk about the day with your fellow hunters.

Cash and Max at the end of the hunt.

  If you are in the area of Wilmington or even Myrtle Beach and you are looking for a hunt to do that would be challenging and enjoyable look them up on Facebook or their web page. Give Terry a call and schedule your hunt. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  If you go comment on here and tell us how it went for you. 

   See you in the field.

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    1. Thanks Maggie. I hope you get to Honey Hill and give it a try. I am sure you have a great time. Thanks again for joining the conversation.

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